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  1. Project Showcase
    This is the first real project I've ever done like this. I've made small things like a stool, workbench, floor lamp and grill table, but nothing like this. I learned so much and caught the fever for woodworking and carpentry. I'm 56 and wish I had done this so many years ago...It's a bit late...
  2. Resources
    I am trying to make some nice fireplace bellows for some friends and family for Christmas Gifts. I cannot find the nicely turned brass nozzles anywhere! I see where lots of ppl are using copper pipe.. uhgg... I see one guy converting spent rifle shells... (this is my best bet since I have lots...
  3. Wood Finishing
    Hello All, First time poster here, so much great content and knowledge on the site! Wife and I recently purchased a home built in the early 1940s in N. Utah. The home has undergone a few different modifications and way too many layers of paint. We are in the process of attempting to restore the...
1-5 of 5 Results