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  1. Dust Collection
    I am getting a Harbor Freight dust collector this weekend. (20% off Coupon will be valid valentines day weekend). Anyway, I know it comes with a fabric bag that is not very efficient. I am going to modify the collector with a Thien baffle with trashcan. The problem is I just can't afford a...
  2. Dust Collection
    I am in the near future planning on adding a Wyne filter to my HF DC. Just wondering which unit most of you are using and why. Also what kind of cost am I looking at?
  3. Shop Safety
    After a fun weekend with the lady friend and a project made with paduk, I noticed the 1 Micron filter bag on my Delta 50-760 DC has turned a slight redish color... figuring I've had the unit just over two years now it's probably time to clean the bag? I've no idea what I did with the Owners...
1-3 of 3 Results