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  1. Seeking Finish Recommendations for Plywood Trailer Decking

    Wood Finishing
    Hello, I am restoring a roughly 50 year old trailer my great-grandfather-in-law built. I am using a sheet of 5'x10'x1" baltic birch exterior plywood for the floor, The 2' tall sides will use the same type 1" thick plywood, cut from 4'x8' sheets. Metal trailer frame will be painted gloss...
  2. Gel Stain On Exterior Furniture

    Wood Finishing
    Hi, I am building a white oak base unit for a Kamado grill. Based on advice from a supplier who consulted General Finishes, I purchased General Finishes Gel Stain and Exterior 450 Topcoat. After applying the stain I reviewed General Finishes site to see how long to wait to apply the top coat...
  3. Using Brads on Exterior Trim

    Trim Carpentry & Built-Ins
    Hi all. New here. Still learning in the woodworking department. I've used some 2" galvanized brads on the trim of a dog house that will be used outdoors. These brads have what looks to be a red coating on the head. The whitewood (common wood) trim and brad heads are painted with a flat...
  4. MDO and Mahogany for exterior cabinets

    General Woodworking Discussion
    I am designing a large outdoor kitchen for a client and while quite familiar with interior cabinetry construction I am not well versed in exterior cabinetry. I am considering constructing the cabinet boxes of 3/4" MDO and the face frames from mahogany. I have 2 questions: 1) Is painted MDO...