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  1. Type of joint you would use

    I've been tasked to build a twin bed. the headboard and footboard look similar to the attached drawing, so its a very simple design, the question I have is I've been using pocket join up to now, but I would like to start messing around with mortise and tenon or dowels. Which join would you use...
  2. Wood movement with L-shaped mitred leaning shelf

    Trim Carpentry & Built-Ins
    I'm doing a built-in for a closet. The closet is over the stairs so its front is sloped. I created an L shaped front and shelf from solid maple. The bottom foot or so is up against the wall that I can screw into. The top surface is hovering, supported by the miter (in the photo there is...
  3. Lyptus and hard maple

    I usually don't try to glue dissimilar woods together because of the mismatched expansion factors. However, I have some dark lyptus that would look really nice contrasted with some white hard maple on a project I'm doing. I want to glue a length 6 inch 1.25 inch wide of hard maple to a matching...
  4. Simple Desk Design Help

    General Woodworking Discussion
    Hello everyone! I was hoping one of y'all could help me with what is probably a simple problem. I started woodworking two years ago, self taught in my free time, just learning, acquiring tools and figuring out as I go. Most of what I have made is out of cheaper softwood, pine usually, mainly...
  5. Vertical Grain Carcass

    Hello, My project involves a vertically grained carcass 8.5" square and 5" tall. The bottom half will be walnut. The top half may be soft maple. The top half angles inward at about 45 degrees. All joinery will be mitered with floating stubs. One entire side hinges outward, similar to a...
  6. Wood movement

    I want to make a tabletop with four red oak sections separated by a "plus sign" made of two pieces of maple. I am worried about how to join them for problems caused by expansion and contraction. The oak will have all its gran running horizontally, and one of the maple sections as well, but the...