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  1. Joinery
    After a bit of advice please if anyone is able to share. I purchased 2 elm burr slabs from a timber merchant yard / onsite furniture makers as I was looking for a burr edge table top. It used to be one long slab but was cut in half at the timber yard before I purchased it unfortunately. I want...
  2. Joinery
    Hi everyone, I've been lurking around for a while now soaking up the vast knowledge on the site, but now I'm hoping someone much wiser than me can give me some advice with some strange knots in a book-matched set of English (well, Scottish) elm I'm working with.... I'm relatively new to...
  3. Wood Finishing
    I'm relatively new to woodworking and will be making an outdoor sign from a large elm slab. The slab is roughly 3' x 4' x 3" thick and is fairly dry. My question is, how do I best fill the cracks and ensure they or the filler don't separate during the changing weather throughout the year in...
1-3 of 4 Results