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  1. What type of wood?

    Design & Plans
    I am putting together a case/mobile charging station for my set of two way radios. I am using parts of the dewalt tstak system and already know how in want to do this. For the charging station, I plan on building a small wooden platform to go inside the toolbox so I can strap each charger down...
  2. What's a good wood to use for milling?

    General Woodworking Discussion
    Hi there, I'm a complete novice to all kinds of wood-working, but I have a neat idea that I'd like to try out. It involves using a metal-cutting milling machine (hand operated) to mill out the interior of a block of wood (cuboid of outer size: 4w x 4h x 2d inches) to make space for some LED...
  3. Manual for Craftsman Electronic Radial Arm Saw

    Power Tools & Machinery
    Howdy all, I am new to the forum and looking forward to picking up and sharing tips and tricks. Just purchased a Sears Craftsman Electronic Radial Arm Saw. I found the manual that covers my exact model, but it has no mention of the electronics. Does anyone have a manual that covers the...