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  1. General Woodworking Discussion
    Hi there, I want to upgrade my dust collection. I just use an old vacuüm cleaner right now. I would like to collect my dust in a bucket before it gets into my vacuüm cleaner. I have watched some video's on youtube about this topic. Some just hook up a couple of hoses to a bucket. A few make a...
  2. General Woodworking Discussion
    I am in the dust collection industry, on the filter making side of things and I would love to see some pictures of what kind of collectors or piping or anything that resembles a collector. if anyone would be willing to share.
  3. Dust Collection
    Hey everybody I wanted to take a minute to post my newest anti dust device. After reading a bunch of other threads on these air purifiers I had the knowledge needed to build one. I recently put a new furnace in my home and before the installers hauled the old furnace away I took out the...
  4. Dust Collection
    Maybe I'm not being thorough enough, but I did a quick search and didn't see anything promising on the first page of results. Are there any good quick connect/disconnect solutions for dust collection? I have the HF DC with 4" flex hoses. My two hoses are permanently clamped to my jointer and...
  5. Dust Collection
    Had decided I would try and review the new iVac Pro Wireless Dust Control system and must say I am blown away - no pun intended :) Let me know if you think I have put it through its paces. I found it worked reliably from a 40' range.
  6. Wood Finishing
    I'm going to use the wood sanding dust to make a filler on a new white pine floor to fill the gaps and imperfections in the wood. Everything I have read online about how to do this mentions to mix the fine dust with my finish, but I haven't seen any specific type or brands of finish (I want to...
  7. Dust Collection
    I spent a lot of time looking at others shops, watching videos and here is what I came up with. Yes I will be flipping the T's that are backwards. Anyway here is my DC set up. http://youtu.be/L1Gcilw3NEw
  8. Wood Finishing
    I am refinishing an old tabletop. I was having trouble getting the stain even-colored and dark enough, so I googled around and found several websites that recommended not wiping off the excess stain, and instead letting an even coat of stain dry on the piece. I did use that method and the color...
  9. Dust Collection
    Does anyone own, or use an Oneida dust collection system? I am a cabinet maker, just starting out, and want to equip my shop with the best tools possible. I am looking for feedback on Oneida? There was nothing I could find as far as reviews online. Need some input. There dust collection systems...
  10. Dust Collection
    I've had an issue for a long time and I'm wondering if anyone has an idea for a solution. For several years I have had a small shop in my unfinished basement and its probably obvious that the ventilation in awful. Whenever I am routeing, ripping on the tablesaw, doing any kind of serious...
  11. Shop Safety
    I understand that various woods and wood dust have different toxicities. A friend recently gave me a print out of a table of woods ant their relative toxicity, but can't identify the source. Does anyone have a good reference for this? Thanks for any suggestions! Wayne
  12. General Woodworking Discussion
    Okay! So I have a Workshop in my shed outside my house, It's about 18' by 11' with a porch on it. I have mostly benchtop tools to conserve space. I recently purchased a small dust collector to cut down on dust in the place. I just had a few questions that some of you may be able to help me...
1-12 of 12 Results