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dust collection tool

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    I am in the dust collection industry, on the filter making side of things and I would love to see some pictures of what kind of collectors or piping or anything that resembles a collector. if anyone would be willing to share.
  2. Dust Collection
    I have the Oneida V-2000 with a 7" intake. I am going to use PVC piping, but chose 6" instead of 7". Am I understanding correctly when I hear that the larger the pipe (within limits) the better it is for dust collection? I am thinking of making 6" connections to my table saw, Miter saw and...
  3. General Woodworking Discussion
    I've just finished a new router table. I didnt want to give up floor space to one since I have a spindle moulder and tend to use the router table for small stuff - so I've built a stow-away version that clips on to the edge of a bench and can be removed and put in the cupboard below when not in...
  4. Dust Collection
    Rockler Woodworking and Hardware has introduced a new dust collection Conversion Port, making it quick and easy to connect 2-1/4" shop vacuum ports and hoses to any 2-1/2" dust fitting or power tool dust port. The larger end features a rubber union that easily slides on and creates a tight...