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drawer design
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  1. General Woodworking Discussion
    Hi, I’m trying to replicate a decorative trim for a built in I’ve started, but first time doing decorative routers and I’m overwhelmed.Does anyone know where I could find a routing bit that would replicate this trim below? Thanks!
  2. Design & Plans
    I want to build four large drawers to serve as pullouts from inside two bottom kitchen cabinets. There will be two drawers 39 inches wide by 23 inches deep. The other two drawers will be 32 inches wide by 23 inches deep. There is no support frame for the drawers, so I plan to install a pair of...
  3. Design & Plans
    I'm not sure how to explain this but here goes. I'm building a supply cabinet that will have several long shallow drawers for holding brushes and such. When the drawers are pulled out nearly to their full extension I want the drawer to angle down so everything will be clearly displayed. The...
1-3 of 3 Results