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  1. Hand Tools
    I I have an old stanley dovetail saw and am wondering how I can get it sharpened. I'd rather send it somewhere for someone else to sharpen but I haven't been able to find a place that could do it. Does anyone know of a place that sharpen's saws?
  2. Project Showcase
    I finally got time to finish this project. I gave it to my wife for Valentines day. I put a new necklace in it, personalized it with engraving in the lid and an additional note (I have to suck up for being an idiot sometimes). She liked the necklace and didnt throw the box back at me, so I guess...
  3. Hand Tools
    Hi, After trying to use cheap saws to cut dovetails (with results so depressing that each time I stop trying for a month), I have decided to buy a Lie-Nielsen dovetail saw (though I would welcome comments of folks who swear by their own brand). So now my choices are down to three: a .026 kerf...
1-3 of 3 Results