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  1. Project Showcase
    Greetings to all! My name is Alex, I want to show you my work. Working on wood is my hobby, so do not judge strictly, I am often not happy with the result of my work. Look at my gift to my sons. I did this work at the end of last year. What do you say? Have a nice day
  2. General Woodworking Discussion
    How to make DIY Thin Strip Jig / Thin Rip Jig for your Table Saw. Table saw jigs can be used to make woodworking safer and more convenient, this jig can be used to make repeatable thin strips for a variety of builds. I made this Jig for scrap HMR, very cheap and easy for build but very useful...
  3. Woodworking Videos
    Hello friends, I wanted to show you my last job. I built a mini carpenter workbench. maybe for many it is nothing special but for me that I work in the garage and I have little space it allows me to do carpentry work with more precision but important to be able to use the plane. You can rest it...
  4. Project Showcase
    These old shutters I get from old home or I call it Rumah Joglo based on Java in Indonesia. These are very old shutters. Shutters mad out of old teak wood since 1980's. I hunt shutters in many city in Indonesia. I have many collection in my workshop. I get ideas to DIY creative in your home...
  5. General Woodworking Discussion
    Since the last time I posted here about making my own pavers and bricks I learned a few things about making the molds and how to make better pavers. So here is my latest version of what has turned out to be a fun project and will (someday) become a walkway to the shop.
  6. Project Showcase
    Hello i want to share with you my latest project that i made for my girlfrend. i hope u enjoy. https://www.youtube.com/embed/cxrbOuZFR6E
  7. Project Showcase
    Late in 2017 we had a hurricane here, in South Mississippi. While we were blessed to not have significant damage from the storm, it did down some trees. I saw this stump in a neighbors yard and it looked so cool that i couldn't just leave it there to be hauled off for trash, or end up in a burn...
  8. Project Showcase
    My try at timber framing. Made sketchup model. Found fallen logs in wood, took them out, made them square using chainsaw and axe. Then Lots of googling and learning later it all came together.
  9. Project Showcase
    Hello everyone! First post on this forum. I think this is a good way to start. Just wanted to show off this simple yet effective method. We hope you guys like it. The good thing about this technique is that it preserves the natural colour of wood so it doesn't look plastic and cheap. What...
  10. Project Showcase
    What up DIY enthusiasts, I want to present you my latest and so far greatest project: A DIY motorised Camera Slider Leave me some feedback :smile3:
  11. New Member Introductions
    Hello fellow woodworkers! Earler this year I made a table saw from a circular saw. Now I'm not completely satisfied with the cutting depth, so I may wanna change the blade to a larger blade. This means that I have to remove some of the parts on the table saw, which I don't think is a big...
  12. Project Showcase
    Easy step by step tutorial with helpful tips on how to make your own vanity cabinets!
  13. Project Showcase
    My first two projects that I actually sold. 6ft and 8ft Farmhouse tables with bench. Then another bench for outside. Currently finishing up a 10ft Pedestal tables and looking for ANY instructions on a Dominoes table. Would appreciate any feedback!! Regards,
  14. General Woodworking Discussion
    Hello All, I am new to the woodworking hobby. I've mad a few tables and will post some pictures soon. I want to make a Dominoes Table but I can't find instructions ANYWHERE!!! (Still not good enough to make plans myself) Any help or direction would be appreciated!!!
  15. Design & Plans
    Hey guys, I don't do much carpentry (read: none at all) and I'm trying to get a personal gym going in my garage. One of the pieces I'm having a hard time getting is the power rack because nobody ships to where I live for a reasonable price and the stores don't have one I want/am willing to pay...
  16. Forestry & Milling
    We had our poplar trees milled into 1x6 and 1x8 boards to originally lay in place of osb/plywood. We have now changed our mind and decided to lay this as our actual flooring instead of subflooring. We really have no woodworking experience. So..........how do we proceed from here?? We like the...
  17. Dust Collection
    Hey everybody I wanted to take a minute to post my newest anti dust device. After reading a bunch of other threads on these air purifiers I had the knowledge needed to build one. I recently put a new furnace in my home and before the installers hauled the old furnace away I took out the...
  18. Off Topic
    Hello, I am a project guy that's trying to re-finish some of my high school stuff. The sealant we used was a polyurethane + Thinner but after a few years i cant remember exactly, it was good because You could put on as many layers you wanted after sanding it a bit. Ive used regular...
  19. Wood Finishing
    I have noticed that there is a increased demand for beeswax finishes so I wanted to share my experience and knowledge with you. This video will show you how to make your own beeswax (ratios that I use) and hopefully point you in a right direction. It is my first video so the quality isn’t the...
  20. Woodworking Videos
    I've seen these at craft fairs, and also online. I thought would try giving it a shot and make one of these. It's a pretty easy project, and these make great gifts. As always you can check out my site over at: www.woodlogger.com for more pictures/videos of what I'm doing in my shop. . .