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  1. Where to find design plans

    Design & Plans
    Good afternoon fellow wood workers. This is more of a question regarding where to find high quality well documented wood working designs and plans. Would you find it useful if you had a resource to find high quality, well documented wood working plans that covers everything from bookshelves to...
  2. Need help finding bookcase plans

    Design & Plans
    Recently I was reminiscing of when I was a young child. I used to spend most of my time with my grandpa. We would spend hours in is workshop and I would be his right hand man, helping him with everything to fixing anything you could think of to making furniture. I used to have such a great time...
  3. Creating unique design patterns

    Design & Plans
    Hello, New woodworker here. I'm looking to build a shelf and on the front I'd like to make a fancy design instead of a straight board. Something with curves. My question is what is the best way to go about making a pattern that I can transfer to my wood so I can cut it out? I'm not that...