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  1. Design & Plans
    I’d like to build a lounge chair I saw in Switzerland however I am not sure what type of wood to use for the sides. It looks like a type of plywood but it seems like it’s made of all hardwood. It doesn’t look like a typical plywood that you would find in the United States. Does anyone have any...
  2. Design & Plans
    Hi Everyone, I'm newer to the woodworking world, but not green. I teach entry level woodshop to high school students so I do know how to use woodworking tools safely and make basic projects. I have designed a table I'd like to build, and I know it will really push my skills. I have two areas...
  3. Design & Plans
    Introduction This thread is about kitchen design concepts and ideas, NOT woodworking. If you are looking for something related to basic woodworking, stop here. I freely admit that we paid a contractor to do the installation work. For that, I apologize for posting photos of work that I did not...
  4. Project Showcase
    Greetings to all! My name is Alex, I want to show you my work. Working on wood is my hobby, so do not judge strictly, I am often not happy with the result of my work. Look at my gift to my sons. I did this work at the end of last year. What do you say? Have a nice day
  5. New Member Introductions
    Hi everyone, thanks for having me on the forum! I think my story might stand out a bit as I've got both a wood working background and product design. In college, in 2012, my design thesis was a collection of wood watches. I went this route because I wanted to craft an alternative to what I had...
  6. Design & Plans
    Listening to what the user wants in a project is paramount to a successful project.
  7. Design & Plans
    Hello and welcome to this thread, I am Currently designing a Grandfather clock based after a Orleans Grandfather clock. This project is my school graduation exam, so its a big deal for me. Never having designed or seen a real grandfather clock ever I came across a lot of problems. My current...
  8. Design & Plans
    Hi Could someone please explain how this modular sectional sofa was made? It looks pretty easy to make the frame but not sure. My thoughts are: Seat is a plywood box with webbing on the top of the box with alot of foam padding Backrest and armrest is a narrower and higher box with alot of...
  9. Design & Plans
    I'm planning to create a unique luxury table for my own home. Everything is finalize but i'm confuse in table design. So guys can you help me to suggest better table design.
  10. General Woodworking Discussion
    Hello all, I'm working on the design of a side table and I've hit a wall. I'm having trouble finding a solution to installing the bottom shelf in this table. Image attached/posted below. At first I thought I would just glue blocks to the stretchers below the shelf (with the grain running...
  11. General Woodworking Discussion
    Ok, so. Is purchasing wood online a good or bad idea? There are tons of websites out there where I can buy some wood but I'm not sure if it's good quality or even a good idea. I was looking to buy some standard hardwoods like walnut, cherry, oak, etc but I was also looking to buy some wood on...
  12. Design & Plans
    Hello Everyone I am designing an occasional table that I would also like to use also as a bench. I have the table design laid out, easy enough, but what I need help with is how to have the table top flip over and have a leather seat bench be on the other side. I would to attach a back rest...
  13. General Woodworking Discussion
    Hi guys, I am currently installing hard wood flooring and this is what am interested in doing install my wood flooring create a geometrical design(Something like this) with my router Put resin in the track created by the router. What do you guys think? any advice? thanks
  14. Design & Plans
    Hello, my name is Ben. I am trying to find 3D design software to work with a cnc router. I make cabinets, furniture and closets. I currently use enroute, but I need something that does dovetail joints for drawers. Allows for measurements to easily be changed, for production purposes. This...
  15. General Woodworking Discussion
    Hi, I'm designing a desk that I hope to build in the coming months, but I'm not sure what material would be best for longevity. I want this desk to be sturdy and last for many years without bowing. This is my sketchup design for this desk: Its 72" wide, 30" deep and 3/4" thick. It will sit...
  16. General Woodworking Discussion
    I'm putting up an 8' x 8' enclosed area in my shop for applying finishes. I use OSB for walls and ceiling. Can I leave that bare or should I put some type of coating on it?
1-16 of 50 Results