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  1. General Woodworking Discussion
    On making laminated cutting boards, when it comes to raising the grain, should you gently dampen the face of the board lightly or should you run it under a faucet to wet it?
  2. Project Showcase
    In this video I show how to make hardwood cutting boards from walnut, cherry and hard maple. I made a batch of these in my workshop for gifts and I think they turned out very nice! I wanted to make something that would be both beautiful and practical to gift to my close family members. The...
  3. Project Showcase
    Before I started on a real cutting board made from more expensive woods like black walnut, hard maple, or accented with purple heart I decided to try my hand with a test project. I had some 1" x 2" red oak from Home Depot/Lowes left over from a different project so I used it. I know it can't be...
  4. Project Showcase
    I started a few months ago by making a board for my wife. Before I knew what happened I had people asking me to make boards for them. Right now I have some 7 boards complete and ready for delivery. I'm having a ball with these. And orders keep coming in via word of mouth.
  5. Wood Finishing
    I have some pretty deplorable finishing skills, or lack there of rather, and would very much appreciate any insight or advice on the best way to finish these boards. So far I have only wiped them in Danish oil, and was very please with what I had put together and decided against trying to apply...
1-6 of 6 Results