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  1. General Woodworking Discussion
    Hi hoping someone should be able to help me out. I'm am currently constructing this desk for my new Office. I have already cut all pieces of wood and pipe (I'm using those for the support at the bottom) and I'm trying to figure the best way to put all the pieces of wood together. I have two 7'...
  2. Design & Plans
    I am Fairly new to wood working, did it in school for a few years its about it. I am going to be making a computer table with the computer housed inside and would really appreciate any possible input from more experienced people in regards to wood craftsmanship. Here is what i have planned so far:
  3. General Woodworking Discussion
    I asked my friend how much he'd want to stain our deck and he said he had a better idea…. He has a small apartment and needed a computer center that also had some shelving for books, etc. He already had a glass table top he wanted to make use of and there was a little used corner he thought...
  4. Design & Plans
    Hey I was just wondering if the framing of this desk i made will hold up and be hard as a rock, the square boards are 2x2, and the tope ones under the top of the desk are 2x1. Everything else is 3/4 inch maple. and the whole top will be down an inch so everything connects, i just have it lifted...
  5. Project Showcase
    Back in April, I designed a desk for my soon to be mother-inlaw, as she had purchased a new computer and the ikea desk she had was falling apart. I did up a CAD drawing and made my cut list and Soon to be father-inlaw (known on this forum as: Scrollerart) and I went to town building. We...
  6. Project Showcase
    This is a continuation of my last post "furniture fun in odd shape rooms" This project proceeded the first and was a bit more involved For more info The Tropical Chippy
1-6 of 6 Results