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  1. Dust Collection
    Hello all, I am new to woodturning and I have a question regarding dust collection and safety before I get started. I live in Southern California, where I have the ability to turn outside and store the lathe in my garage. With a portable lathe (on workbench casters), do I need to worry about...
  2. Power Tools & Machinery
    I just got my 14 inch Grizzly bandsaw, and after just one test run, I made a horrible mess with it. Sawdust is EVERYWHERE and I didn't realize til after that I needed to get a special dust collection tool. Any ideas on how this process works and what would be the cheapest method? I saw some...
  3. Dust Collection
    Maybe I'm not being thorough enough, but I did a quick search and didn't see anything promising on the first page of results. Are there any good quick connect/disconnect solutions for dust collection? I have the HF DC with 4" flex hoses. My two hoses are permanently clamped to my jointer and...
  4. Dust Collection
    Had decided I would try and review the new iVac Pro Wireless Dust Control system and must say I am blown away - no pun intended :) Let me know if you think I have put it through its paces. I found it worked reliably from a 40' range.
  5. Dust Collection
    I spent a lot of time looking at others shops, watching videos and here is what I came up with. Yes I will be flipping the T's that are backwards. Anyway here is my DC set up. http://youtu.be/L1Gcilw3NEw
1-5 of 5 Results