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  1. Wood Finishing
    First off, I'm not sure what kind of wood this is, so I'm hoping someone can tell based on the photos. It's very hard and heavy. Second, you can see in the photos that the table has developed some spot-staining and I'm not sure the best way to address. Lastly, wondering what sort of ongoing...
  2. Wood Finishing
    While applying danish oil to a piece, I accidentally spilled quite a bit on the cast aluminum base of my planer. I didn't notice I had done this, and the oil has semi-dried to a gooey substance which obviously interferes with smoothly running a piece of wood through the planer. I'm wondering...
  3. General Woodworking Discussion
    During an unfortunate stay in the basement when the humidifier on the furnace sprayed water all over the contents of our basement, my old church pew developed a coating of mildew. I would like to remove the mildew but not affect the finish on the pew as it lends character to the pew. What is...
1-3 of 3 Results