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  1. What is this

    Hand Tools
    Long story short my wife's Grandfather passed away some time ago and the family divided up his tools. I was given all his clamps and came across some I can't figure out what they're for or how they work. I'm assuming something (maybe a strap) is missing. Has anyone seen tools/clamps like the...
  2. Do you protect your clamps?

    Hello all. I, and I assume most of you, tend to get wood glue on my parallel and pipe clamps when doing glue ups. I have three questions. 1. Do any of you use wax paper or paste wax (or anything else) beforehand to protect the bars/pipes or do you prefer to just scrape it off after? 2. Do you...
  3. your go to clamps

    Hand Tools
    I going to buy some new clamps I have some quick grip style clamps a few C clamps and some squeeze clamps;I don't build highboys or large furniture.So my question to you is what is your go to clamp style and size,what is the one you use the most.F style,bar,C,etc. and size 12,18,24,36,etc...
  4. Parallel clamp advice

    Hand Tools
    Hi all, Getting ready to purchase two 48" parallel clamps. Prices range from $50 to $70. Options are Bessey (have one, like it, don't love it), Jorgensen, both $45 at HD, Irwin ($48 at Rockler) and Jet ($70 and would have to order it, don't really wan to wait, or pay shipping, no place...
  5. Homemade side clamps

    Tips, Tricks, & Homemade Jigs
    Someone else pointed out that adjustable bench dogs would also work, but I made these in a day with scrap metal I had around, so the cost was minimal. I may make some dogs the next time, but these should work well for my projects. Anyway, thought I'd share how they are made in case someone wants...
  6. Sliding bar clamps

    Hand Tools
    I have several Jorgensen I - beam bar clamps that slide when I tightened them. Does anyone have a good solution to this problem? They are the kind with the spring lock. I have even tried tapping them with a hammer to set the spring to no avail. They are 30 years old but that should not make a...