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  1. Use Heavy Weights for Clamping?

    General Woodworking Discussion
    I have to glue down an L-shaped "bullnose" across a wide, wood-floored, concrete step tomorrow morning. I don't have a choice in the matter - it is already there, and the bullnose is partially pulled up. The bullnose was originally tacked down with small finish nails, but the nails could only...
  2. Repair Advice: Farm Table Top Split Grain

    Wood Finishing
    We just bought a farm table, constructed from reclaimed barn wood from southern Missouri. We transported the table in a closed trailer, from the Midwest to Northern CA during the summer heat... when we removed the carefully packed table...surprise, there was a huge crack along the grain of one...
  3. Laminating large pieces of wood

    Tips, Tricks, & Homemade Jigs
    I started a relief on a 4'x2' piece of basswood and it is warping, i'm also worried that it is a bit thin in some of the lower areas and i haven't finished carving. I would like to be able to go quite a bit deeper without the worry that'll be to thin, thus needing to laminate another piece of...
  4. how do i make my pine wood table sturdy?

    Hi everyone, I bought a second hand lovely pine dining table with extensions on either side but it’s not very sturdy and would appreciate your expertise in fixing it! I have no knowledge of carpentry but i’m pretty good with my hands and also good at following directions! The legs of...
  5. Homemade clamp prototype..... Thoughts?

    Project Showcase
    Needed some large clamps for my aquarium project and now that I had finished Uni I finally have some time to do some more work. For a Uni student clamps are quite expensive so I have made a prototype and was wondering what you guys think, it is 1000mm (40") with a 250mm (10") threaded rod to...
  6. Hand Forged Holdfasts

    Hand Tools
    Anyone out there use Holdfasts? If so, I sell high-quality hand forged holdfasts that work VERY well. I use them in my own shop on a daily basis. Contact me for more information! There's a picture in the catalogue on my website, vulcanironworks.us Ryan Smith Vulcan Ironworks Colorado...
  7. Where can I find a tool like this?

    Hand Tools
    I am looking for a tool similar to a rib spreader (pic attached), but that I could using for wood working purposes. I have several bar clamp/spreaders, but when you reverse the jaws to use them as spreaders, they will only fit in a space that is maybe 5" or larger. I need something that I can...