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  1. General Woodworking Discussion
    Hello Everyone - I'm looking to restore two cast-iron benches. The dimensions of the wood slats are 48" long, 3/4" thick, and 2.25" wide. I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on affordable wood to replace what's here - I priced out Teak at my local lumber yard (In NY) and it was...
  2. Project Showcase
    So I've been wanting a better router table with a lift, and I had this old 8" craftsman table saw with a cast iron table top just rusting away. So the innovative genius (or the cheap skate :thumbsup:) in me went to work, even used the lift mechanism from the old table saw blade lift :yes: Its...
  3. Woodturning
    Picked this up at a flea market. Cant find a makers mark anywhere. Anyone know who the manafacturer may be or is this a frakenlathe. Thanks.
1-3 of 4 Results