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  1. This is my most recent project. How did I do?

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  2. Looking for butternut wood

    New Member Introductions
    Hi everyone. I am a new member from Bowling Green, Ky. I am a sculptor, currently working with wood and metal casting. I am having trouble finding wood for carving in my area and was hoping to get some help. If anyone knows where to get butternut, or other wood that is good for carving...
  3. Need advice on the best tool to do rounded corners

    Wood Carving
    Hello all, I'm new to this forum and to woodworking in general. I'm starting my first woodburning project (attempting to do a fathers day gift) using a 3/4" piece of untreated pine framing lumber. I would like to round out the corners on the piece and need some advice on the best tool for the...
  4. Seeking Advice - Carving Blocks - How picky are you? Typical sizes sought after?

    Wood Carving
    We are currently producing thousands of board feet of basswood carving blocks, and have a question regarding defects in the wood. As you probably well know, knots, cracks, wane, and streaks are often unavoidable after basswood logs have been sawed and kiln dried. Now that we are in the final...
  5. Femur Cane - It's odd to some people... =)

    Project Showcase
    So, I recently had my left hip replaced and needed to acquire a cane to help with the first week or so of recovery. Somewhat surprisingly, this was a very speedy recovery as most people with the experience had said it would be. This experience was inspiring none the less. I found it...
  6. Best types of wood for solid raw wood furniture?

    General Woodworking Discussion
    Hi. I'm getting into making stools and seats out of solid, green or dried wood. Does anyone have ideas on the best types of wood to use for these kinds of projects? I live in California but am open to sourcing from other states if necessary. I've used camphor, which was really great, but it's...
  7. Doors of Durin Arch

    Design & Plans
    Hi there, Newbie to the forum and amateur woodworker. I have a project on my hands to do a 'Doors of Durin' archway and I'm looking for a little help on it. The design is attached, as well as a picture of the doorway, above which it will be placed. This is to be fixed to a wall, it's almost...
  8. Was this surface pattern / finish made by a gouge chisel?

    Design & Plans
    Thank you!
  9. Utensil Carving Advice Needed

    Wood Carving
    Hi All! I just started trying to make utensils from fallen maple logs. So far, I’ve just been doing spatulas. I’ve found that there are some tasks which I don’t have the right tool for. I have an old hatchet, a carving knife, a couple cheap hand saws, a file, and some sandpaper. Right now, I’m...
  10. Shavings for your Smoker

    Wood Carving
    I carve a lot of sculptures using alder, native cherry and apple wood. What to do with all those shavings? Use them in your smoker to smoke meat and fish. Works like a charm in my little electric and propane smokers. No need to buy bags of smoking chips if you are a wood worker! Tim
  11. Filling in a carving

    General Woodworking Discussion
    Hey all, I am wanting to do a carving on a stool seat, once done I want to feel it in and the put a nice coat of lacquer over it. can I feel in the carving with lacquer and let it dry with out it making a mess
  12. Wood engraving - advice needed.

    Hand Tools
    Hello, Apologies if this has been posted before. Can you offer advice. I need to engrave my wooden carved jewellery. I have an electric wood carving set, however the heads are too thick, and the speed of the carver is not fast enough to make the lettering nice. I have seen this product...
  13. Wood conditioning - Advice needed

    Wood Finishing
    Hello, I have a wood carver and have been making jewellery from dried oak wooden branches that have fallen from trees. The finger rings I am making seem to be brittle and not so hard (I can crush them in between my fingers if I try) I Bought a tin of Ronseal clear satin varnish as I don't...
  14. Laminating large pieces of wood

    Tips, Tricks, & Homemade Jigs
    I started a relief on a 4'x2' piece of basswood and it is warping, i'm also worried that it is a bit thin in some of the lower areas and i haven't finished carving. I would like to be able to go quite a bit deeper without the worry that'll be to thin, thus needing to laminate another piece of...
  15. Stumbled over here...

    New Member Introductions
    ...from the RouterForums.com. Saw the link in a post, followed it and signed up. Recently moved to Florida from Minnesota so I have been without a workshop for most of the year. Slowly getting one back together here in FLA. Enjoy carving. Started two years ago, mostly relief. Have a Shark CNC...
  16. Where To Buy Wood In NY?

    New Member Introductions
    I need to find lumber yards in or near Westchester, NY that sell basswood and other types of wood for carving. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Will travel for good deals and interesting stores/sales. Thanks!
  17. Best way of silver finishing wood

    Wood Finishing
    I've never done much fine finishing on wood, some hand carving, but I have a project I've been planning and pricing. I want to open my own salon and build the work stations myself, most pre-made ones are poorly designed and bland looking. I want to build a station thats 20x35x50 (DxHxL) with 4...
  18. Walnut Relief Carving Finish

    Wood Finishing
    I'm new here and to finishing in general, so I thought I should get some advice before I screw up a project I have hours and hours into! Anyways, I'm working on a walnut enclosure for a chess board, and the top surface I've hand carved. I want to be able to selectively tint parts of the...
  19. Rotary tools that last

    Power Tools & Machinery
    First time poster here. I've been carving wood for a little over a year now, making props from video games and a few small sculptures. I was using dremel for a long time, but they always die out after a month or so because the motor gets too hot and the coils melt together. New Brush caps don't...
  20. Help needed to find Woodworking book: circa 1965-75

    Design & Plans
    Good afternoon. Thank you for allowing me to join your forum. I have been a hobby woodworker for about 23 years and have built everything from shelves for my children to Shaker tables and cabinets. My reason for posting is the following: about 12 years ago I signed out a woodworking book...