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  1. Power Tools & Machinery
    You are invited to join us for the first CarveWright Conference 2011, which will be held in Houston TX on May 12 & 13th with workshops for both the beginner and advanced users. Guest speakers will also conduct some of the advanced classes and customers are invited to participate in a Show & Tell...
  2. Project Showcase
    I'm pretty young here, just 21 but my grand dad was a woodworker and I've always wanted to 'carry that torch'. Due to a recent move, I found myself renting an apartment until I see some sort of rebound in the economy to save money but I hold a great deal of admiration for all the work you guys...
  3. Power Tools & Machinery
    I have been looking for one of these but didn't want to spend $1,800 plus on this. I think under $1,100 is a better deal. Anyone have any feedback or use this before? The video provided makes it look really easy. This is where I found it...
1-3 of 3 Results