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  1. Hide-away cart for vacation planning

    Project Showcase
    This cart was made out of on-hand materials other than the casters. The Pine (?) was from a cupboard that we tore out after moving in - I even left the screw holes intact. Purpose of cart is to temporarily store binders books, maps etc for planning vacations. In this manner we can quickly...
  2. Outfeed Cart

    Project Showcase
    I’ve had all of my sanding supplies just stuffed in a box – actually three boxes and I’ve long wanted a place for everything so I can find it, get it, and store it. Because of my situation I need a couple of features 1) it had to be mobile. 2) it has two slip under my Table Saw wing and 3)...
  3. Lathe Cart

    Project Showcase
    I built a Lathe cart. My lathe isn’t big so I had it sitting on a garage sale table without casters. It was always where I didn’t want or need it. In keeping with building things with leftover and scrap wood I created it in two parts an upper and a lower. Never to be separated – I just...
  4. Dust Deputy Shop Vac Cart

    Project Showcase
    First, I HATE emptying the Shop Vac!! Dust everywhere and knocking the filter out compounds the problem. So I built this cart so everything dumps into a 14gallon drum and no dust gets to the filter. The Drum pops out and empties easily – though still some dust it is far more manageable...
  5. Looking for Help Building a Wooden Cart

    General Woodworking Discussion
    Hello. I'm very new to this forum, and I'm looking for advice. My school is putting on a stage play, and we need a wooden cart, strong enough to hold one person and some relatively light cargo. The problems I am having are: a) How do I attach an axle to the cart? and b) how can I keep the whole...