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  1. Wood movement with L-shaped mitred leaning shelf

    Trim Carpentry & Built-Ins
    I'm doing a built-in for a closet. The closet is over the stairs so its front is sloped. I created an L shaped front and shelf from solid maple. The bottom foot or so is up against the wall that I can screw into. The top surface is hovering, supported by the miter (in the photo there is...
  2. Trim ideas to complete mudroom built-in

    Trim Carpentry & Built-Ins
    I am looking for advice to complete my mudroom built-in. In particular the transition area from the lower 4 locker/dividers to the larger shelf unit that sits on top and extends out by 2 inches. It's an awkward transition and I've never found a comparable picture for ideas. Also looking for...
  3. Need help gluing this together! Where to start?

    Design & Plans
    Hello, This one of my first real projects. I am making a number of cabinets for some built-ins. I designed everything in sketchup and the joints fit very tightly (see pics below). http://imgur.com/a/BmjEy I am thinking the best way to glue this together is to glue the top two support pieces...
  4. Help with bathroom vanity

    Design & Plans
    Looking for some plans for a 72" double sink vanity. Seems all the tube and all the woodworking magazines, only address single small vanities. I do ok with plans, but fairly new to woodworking. I want to put 3 drawers in the middle, 2 doors on each side.Do you build the face frame first or the...
  5. Need to Clamp?

    Trim Carpentry & Built-Ins
    Building a full 13 foot wall of bookcases for my daughter in LA. I am in northern California. Cabinets on the bottom, shelves on top. I'm going down this weekend to install them. Only thing I need is the "cabinet top". The lower cabinet cases are of 3/4 ply, and plan was to put a single...
  6. Fitting built-ins at wall corners

    Trim Carpentry & Built-Ins
    Hi, I'm building my first built-in cabinet/bookcase in our living room. But I'm running into a small issue re: design. The North wall will have one long media-sized cabinet on the bottom (22" depth), with a 10" depth bookcase on top. This will run right to the corner of the North wall and East...
  7. Entertainment Center Design

    Design & Plans
    I am in the design phase of a built-in entertainment center. I need help! I have included pics of the display shelf that I removed and the resulting space that I have. I was able to save the top and side trim pieces and plan to reuse them. I also included very rough sketches of my current...
  8. Tips for Built-In Shelves

    Design & Plans
    I have a old Victorian house built in the 1800's. I have completely gutted and rebuilt bathrooms and 3 of the 4 bedrooms. Im woking on the 4th and need some tips on build multi depth built-in shelves. Have plenty of space to frame in the shelves, just need some ideas on how to get...
  9. Bookcases

    Project Showcase
    Dark Walnut stained bookcases
  10. Drawers in 1/2" MDF cabinets

    Trim Carpentry & Built-Ins
    I've made some closet space in an attic kneewall. So far it's just open cabinets made of 1/2" MDF, but I'd like to put some drawers in some of them. The drawers would be 30" wide and 24" deep. Would the MDF be able to hold this? What type of material would you recommend for the drawers? Thanks...
  11. oversized face frame or trim

    Trim Carpentry & Built-Ins
    I'm brand new to woodworking but have started to build cabinets/closet in a knee-wall. It's almost 24' long and so far I have 2 questions I can't find the answer to: 1. Should I make a pre-assembled face frame or treat the front of it like trim, and nail each piece to the wall as I go? If face...