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  1. Joinery
    I have no woodworking experience since shop class in junior high which was over 20 years ago. I want to make a raised garden bed akin to those found when searching the web for corrugated raised bed. The total size is 6'x3'x26" to fit around the pieces of corrugated steel. I've also started...
  2. Project Showcase
    I wanted to organize a closet. I saw a picture of an interlocking box design where the bottom of one box interlocks with the top of another box. I used 1/2" birch plywood, quality 1"x3" pine boards, 1/4" dowels, carpenter's glue, and right angle frame clamps to assemble the parts. I made a...
  3. General Woodworking Discussion
    Hello all! I'm a bit desperate for some advice, as I'm about to pounce on a miniatures project that's out of my ordinary. I'm a dollhouse person, and I'm at present looking to turn a baby cello into a wall-hanging miniature dollhouse. My conundrum is about hinges. I would like the cello case to...
  4. General Woodworking Discussion
    Hello, I have looked high and low online for this lid stay and would love to have your help. The guy in the video calls it a slide hinge but it also seems like it could be a lid stay which is what it is being used for. It has a thumb turn tension/friction adjustment. The goal is to have a lid...
  5. Woodworking Videos
  6. General Woodworking Discussion
    Hello I am new to woodworking and have never worked with wood before. I thought I was starting with a fairly simple project but I have run into some roadblocks and am asking for any help or advice. I am building a small box out of live edge red cedar which will be housing a homemade tube...
  7. Project Showcase
    Here is a project I completed awhile ago. As my previous post about a jewelry box for my mother had such nice feed back I want to know all your thoughts on this... Wood Used: Cedar Finish: Danish Oil Beeswax combo (Homemade) Top was carved out using relief cuts and then a sharpie was used to...
  8. Project Showcase
    This is a few photos of a jewelry box I made for mom's Xmas present. Looking for feedback and thoughts before I call it finished and wrap it. Thanks, Nate
  9. Project Showcase
    Dad wanted a dresser-top box for 'stuff' and sent me the specs. It's sort of a band saw box, sort of something else. The front middle and sides are palm wood, the interior is a mix of birch, walnut and plywood. The lid is made from the waste from the compartment underneath. Some over sanding...
  10. Wood Finishing
    I am planning a bed/dresser combination w/ a bunch of birch plywood drawer boxes w/ 1" side lips and carved out front-scoops. I really want to use shellac, a finish I've never worked with before (I can hear the sighs from here!). I want shellac because its non-toxic, I can work with it inside w/...
  11. Project Showcase
    Simple project for the spring. Build Instructions/Plans http://www.instructables.com/id/Plan...-from-Pallets/
  12. Woodworking Videos
    Here is another one that I made recently. This Fish Shaped Treasure box was an easy and fun one to make. I made this one in just a couple hours. I have a cutout plan that you can pickup at my other site over at: woodlogger.com .
  13. Project Showcase
    I reversed engineered this from a video I saw online. The plans (PDF download) are included in the description of the videos. Instructions: http://www.instructables.com/id/Puzzle-Box-4/ Actual Box...
  14. Design & Plans
    Does anyone know where I can find plans to build a Hungarian HellBox/Puzzle Box? Or if you can figure it out, can anyone post sketches of the parts breakdown. Here's a video of how it functions as well as some photos:
  15. Design & Plans
    Hello, I'm trying to make a heart shaped box as a present. The dimensions are to be somewhere around 7" x 7" x 7". I figured that for the top and bottom faces I could just trace a heart on the wood and then use a jigsaw to cut out the shape. However, I'm a bit puzzled on how to make the sides...
  16. General Woodworking Discussion
    Hi there woodworking people! :) Right now I'm a freshman in an art school that requires its students to take a woodshop class, so I'm learning how to work with wood for the first time! I decided that since I have access to the school's nice shop, I really want to make a simple wooden box for my...
  17. Design & Plans
    We are making a new forniture on school. We have made the plans but is this stabile? You can also download the 3D model: http://knikker-machine.webs.com/kastschoolproject.htm
  18. Project Showcase
    woodowrking classes of all types at the Saw Dust Shop in Sunnyvale, CA. http://www.sawdustshop.com/classlist.asp
  19. Design & Plans
    Hey guys, I'm currently producing a music video where the main focus of the video is a singer songwriter singing his song in a magicians box after the female assistant helps him in and closes it. I've thought of a few ways to build it (approximately) by having some sort of wooden frame and...
  20. Project Showcase
    I was playing around in the shop this weekend cutting a few dovetails and decided to turn it into a little project. The sides and tree are oak and the base, lid, and inside lining is cherry. I sketched the tree onto an oak board then cut it out using my scroll saw and then finished carving...
1-20 of 20 Results