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  1. Need help with an old Craftsman lathe

    Hello everyone, hoping some of you could help me out. My wife was recently given her grandfather's old Craftsman lathe, model 113.23881. She has turned a few candlesticks and holders and similar items but REALLY wants to turn a bowl. I am hoping to find what she needs to do that and purchase...
  2. Inexpensive Wood for Bowl Turning

    Looking for inexpensive wood for Bowl Turning.
  3. Amazing figure - Black Walnut

    Take a look at this piece: More photos can be seen here: https://www.etsy.com/listing/158622714/highly-figured-black-walnut-bowl-8x25?
  4. give peas a chance

    dried peas bowl
  5. circle cutting logs for bowl turning

    Okay, I'm having trouble with my bandsaw cutting my logs into bowl blanks. The logs are split and 8" - 10" thick. When I try to cut the logs into circles, the blade pulls to the right and starts to bind. The bottom of the blade gets twisted more than the top. I even built a circle cutting jig...
  6. green turning bowls from Hurricane Sandy

    My area has a lot of fallen trees from Hurricane Sandy. I'd like to turn some of this stuff green. I've only turned dried wood. So, a question. I hear I should rough turn the bowl to 10-15% wall thickness and let it dry for months before finish turning it. My normal method is to use a faceplate...
  7. A few live-edge bowls

    http://i.imgur.com/BuLLE.jpg -Ash http://i.imgur.com/Bx1fY.jpg -Ash http://i.imgur.com/mrYgp.jpg -Cherry http://i.imgur.com/nEcDW.jpg- Shot of all three These are my first live-edge bowls, let me know what you think.
  8. Experienced turner needed for custom work

    Design & Plans
    I'm planning to give a bowl as a birthday present. I want it to be this kind of work http://www.phinds.com/bowls/ and more or less this shape and size http://www.mij.com.au/products/ceramics/greenconverging.html (C3732) I want it mainly in completely black gaboon ebony, with the rest of the...
  9. Open Segmented Bowl Jig

    I made an open segmented bowl jig, from ideas that I got on line. You can see the jig and the first bowl that I made with it (and the problems) at my web site http://dennyedwards.com.
  10. bowl has crack need fix

    General Woodworking Discussion
    Hello, I am currently coal burning a bowl out of wood. The Bowl came out wonderfully except when i started there was already a crack inside the bowl. Over the process of actually burning the bowl the crack sealed up but i didnt cool off the bowl immediately after words and the next day the...
  11. bowl critiquing please

    an elm bowl with the back sprayed black. the grain shows up as white over the spray paint. the front is finished with paste wax 6" diameter 1.5" thick this is my 6th bowl what do you think? thanks
  12. How to finish turned coffee mug and bowl

    Wood Finishing
    Hey, I am very new to woodworking. I just completed my first three lathe projects (a large salad bowl, a small soup bowl and a coffee mug). I was wondering what I should do to finish them so they last throughout their intended uses. Do you have any recommendations like oils or finishes that...
  13. is mulberry a good turning wood?

    i have a mulberry bowl blank in my woodstore and before i make plans for it i want to know if it is a nice wood has anyone turned mulberry before? thanks.
  14. whats the average quality of turnings for a beginner?

    this is an 8 inch silver birch bowl i turned for my granddad for christmas. i have been turning for 4 months and i am enjoying every second im at the lathe (well, unless i get a catch!). my questions is, what kind of things do beginner turners make? written replies are great but a photo or a...