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  1. Project Showcase
    Hello! :smile2: I built my first self-made plywood boat ever in 2016. More information and my boat project video here: Hope you like it! :wink:
  2. Project Showcase
    Well this is my first official piece on my woodworking adventure. Gave it as a gift to my brother and his new wife for their wedding this past weekend. They enjoy the outdoors and he proposed to her while on a canoe trip so it is very fitting for their new life together and their new home...
  3. Wood Finishing
    Hello I am re-finishing the interior of a 17 year old boat, all brazilian mahogany, below is my interior varnish system, any critiques, comments, ideas are deeply appreciated (no ego here, I want to learn). My limitations are the obvious ones, large spaces, drying time, cost, humidity…etc. I...
1-3 of 3 Results