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  1. Unusual ambrosia fungus blue fir slabs are molding

    General Woodworking Discussion
    First off, I'm a totally newbie. I love wood, but I'm just learning... My grandpa made everything he needed for himself and I was too young for him to teach me before he died, so I just decide I'm going to make something and then I learn as I go... I'm handy with tools, good with math, and I...
  2. Lightening White Oak

    Wood Finishing
    I am in the beginning phases of building a desk. I have a ton of white oak that was given to me so I would like to use that even though it is not my favorite. Free wood is always good wood. What is the best way to lighten the oak as much as possible? I have finished some test pieces with some...
  3. bleach blotchy, gumwood?

    General Woodworking Discussion
    I'm an amateur refinisher. This bed frame is gum wood and was my parents'. It's stripped, but it's very, very blotchy. Would bleaching it be the way to go? If so, any special tips or techniques to keep in mind. I've done a little refinishing, but never used wood bleach. After bleaching, I...
  4. will wood bleach destroy grain patterns?

    Wood Finishing
    G'day everyone, this is my first post here. I work as drum restorer in Sydney, Australia. I used to outsource most of my finishing work, but am now doing a lot of it myself. This week I have to stain and danish oil a drum kit. The outer ply on all drums is rock maple with a very nice grain...
  5. bleaching or dying bamboo white

    Wood Finishing
    Hello all, I am trying to get a white finish on bamboo. I am not interested in any type of finish that simply sits on top of the wood. I am looking for a more uniform finish. I have been told to try wood bleach, the two part kind. I have tried this with no results. Does anyone know how to do...