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  1. Wood Carving
    hello The product below is marked "N-type" bit. What's a N type bit? What other types are there? thx! https://canberradiamondblade.com.au/product/pin-drill/
  2. Tool Reviews
    My latest router bit purchase has motivated me to write this. It is not about the quality or merits of the router bits themselves, but rather a review of the packages that they are sold in. I purchased a simple, 3/8" carbide straight bit and I found that the package it was sold in was not only...
  3. Power Tools & Machinery
    I have a Porter Cable 690LR router that I'm using with the Porter Cable Dovetail jig. I will be making a whole bunch of through-dovetail joints and would love to use a second router for cutting the pins so I don't have to keep changing bits. I have an old Craftsman router, but it has a 1/4...
  4. Joinery
    I'm looking to start working to build raised panel shutters for my home. In looking at router bits, it looks like the biggest option is to back cut, or not to back cut. Other than the aesthetic issue, are there any other issues that I need to consider when buying a router bit. Should I be...
  5. Power Tools & Machinery
    I am refurbishing a teak deck overlay on a sailboat. It requires cutting a deeper groove, which I've been doing by hand with a reefing knife and chisel, between adjoining boards so that the gap is deep enough for fresh bedding compound to adhere to. Is there a source for a straight 3/16"...
  6. Woodworking Talk Classifieds
    SOLD - Freud 5-piece Router Bit Set (NIB) The set is sold
  7. General Woodworking Discussion
    Hello all! I purchased a Porter Cable Router about 4 months ago and have been doing lots of dovetails with many domestic woods. I have broken 5 router bits – ¼ inch shank 14 degree ½ inch They are breaking at the shaft just above the bit itself – everybody I have talked to so far is...
1-7 of 7 Results