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  1. General Woodworking Discussion
    So, I built this queen size bed & headboard 26 years ago and recently pulled it out of storage to finish it. Let's call it a long term project ;^) Mostly red oak with maple feet on the posts and maple vertical slats in the headboard (loose apart from the center-most piece). I was young and...
  2. Ash bed

  3. Design & Plans
    I am new to the forum and new to woodworking, at least where it comes to furniture. Have some experience with decking and framing but far from a professional. My son is going off to college next month and instead of purchasing a bed frame we are looking at building one that will he can have...
  4. Joinery
    I am designing a bed frame with some Japanese style joinery and dovetails, I want to make the slats for the bed and connect them to the bed using dovetail T-Halving joints and I wonder whether that will support the weight of the bed and two people without a brace down the center. Picture for...
  5. Design & Plans
    Hello, i do not know if this is the right place to ask.. but i will do it anyway :) I really want to build a loft bed like the picture (see link) and i REALLY do not know how, is there anyone who can help out with some plans, tips or some experience. I would really like it to look like the...
  6. General Woodworking Discussion
    BACKGROUND: I am in college and I want to build a cool bed frame for my apartment next year. I am currently home for summer working and have access to all of my tools. THE ISSUE: How can I construct a bed frame at my house in a way that I can take apart and load in the back of my truck for...
  7. Design & Plans
    I'm looking for a LITTLE help on how I can get around making a drawer for a bed that comes out and up like a lateral hinge drawer. I have made a schematic on Unity3D if anyone knows how to get it to work ( I sure can't)
  8. Design & Plans
    Hi Folks, First off I've never done any woodworking before so please forgive any dumb questions or mistakes. The bed I'm sleeping on right now is a very cheap, full-size, platform style bed and I really want to have something more robust and aesthetically pleasing. I've been playing around in...
  9. Design & Plans
    Hello, I'm planning on building this bed. I was wondering if anyone has any ideas for improving the design, both in terms of stability and aesthetics. Thanks!
  10. General Woodworking Discussion
    Hey all!! I am a new member of this forum but like it already!! I have been doing woodworking and furniture making for about 15 years. Just wanted to post my most recent project which was a single bed for my son. Hope you like it!
  11. Project Showcase
    I realized it's been way to long since I've been on this site and have many questions to ask. However so I don't seem to only take and take and take, I figured I'd share some photos of the projects that have kept me busy in the last year or so! These are photos of the dresser I built in...
  12. General Woodworking Discussion
  13. Design & Plans
    First post here; I apologize in advance if I'm posting in the wrong place. I would love some advice on bed hardware. I'm building an oak four-poster bed, and trying to decide on the best knock-down hardware to connect the rails to the head- and footboards. I'm attaching a jpeg (which...
  14. Design & Plans
    Hey guys and gals, I finished drawing up plans for a raised panel crib that would convert to a day bed once the kid got older... was pretty sweet, however the buddy of mine who I drew it up for got back to me and said that there was some particular one that his wife and in-law picked out and he...
  15. General Woodworking Discussion
    Hello, I'm relatively new to woodworking (approx. 2 years) and so far have been able to find all my needed wood at Home Depot, Lowes and mail order. However, I've recently decided to make a canopy bed (like this one: http://bit.ly/dz4JbL) and am having huge difficulties finding the appropriate...
  16. Wood Finishing
    Just wanted to ask for opinions on a good durable finish for an oak headboard that I am finishing. I am using water based dye and a oil based stain to achieve the color that the wife picked. Any suggestions (ie. Lacquer, poly, etc) to finish. Thanks for the wealth of knowledge.
  17. Design & Plans
    Hello im new here and a amateur when it comes to woodworking/furniture but i know my way around tools. I have came across this bed design and plan on replicating it. I would like to know what people thought about the difficulty and what hinges would i use? pivot hinges? sorry for lame...
  18. Joinery
    I building a bed frame out of red oak. I'm using 2x6 side rails and attaching a 2x2 on the inside for the box springs to sit on. I planned on using dowels to strengthen the joint between the 2x6 and the 2x2. The frame rail is 81" long. Anyone have any suggestions on the spacing of the dowels?
  19. Design & Plans
    Looking for plans to build a California King Platform Bed with storage underneath, 6 drawers maybe. Any help would be great.
  20. Woodworking Videos
    Hi Guys. My latest project is a queen sized bed for my wife. The bed is inspired by the Stickley Bed pictured below. There’s three videos in the series so far, and I hope to have more out soon. The quartersawn white oak grain on this wood I have looks really good in person, and I’m excited to...
1-20 of 20 Results