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  1. IMG_7781.jpeg

    10' long bar for rec room made from pallet wood, so people could sit behind the couch and watch TV while they eat and drink.
  2. Wood Finishing
    My husband and I have taken on building a bar. And are quite amateurs. We’re fine with imperfection but are trying our best. After much research I’m stuck. We stained our wood, then applied Zinsser seal coat. We plan on epoxying the top and added seal coat since we used an oil based stain(oops)...
  3. General Woodworking Discussion
    Hello - I'm a newbie DIY'er who is constructing a basement bar. I'm in the process of shopping around for my bar top - dimensions need to be around 12' x 24" x 2"+ thick. I do have some flexibility I'm on Long Island and it's hard to find a wood mill - I found one person who was willing sell...
  4. Project Showcase
    Wife and I built our home Bar. Made A slide show from all the pics.
  5. Wood Finishing
    Hi Guys.... I am building a bar & for the bar top, I have a piece of Maple. Its 14" L x 24" W and 3' H . The perosn I got it from says the tree has been down awhile but was just cut into slabs & it will need to dry out for about a month. The more I read about drying the more discouraged I...
  6. Project Showcase
    So I am a NCO in the United States Army and prior to going into the military I was a custom framer for multi-million dollar homes in Arizona with a company called Callahan development. here is me building one of the exposed overhangs Since joining the military I have been asked to build...
  7. Wood Finishing
    Relatively new to woodworking here. I'm building a bar with a top made of cedar. I'm not sure if the type of cedar has a special name, but they are well-cut, reddish planks that were pretty expensive. I like the way they look unstained, but I'd like to add something to deepen the color. I...
  8. Joinery
    I am building a bar top with 1x6 oak boards onto 3/4 plywood. My original plan was to attach the plywood to the bar and then add the oak to the top by edge gluing the boards together as well as to the plywood. I was going to use biscuits and pipe clams to ensure tight edges and then using wood...
  9. Trim Carpentry & Built-Ins
    I'm looking for a simple way to finish off a bar I've made. I'm wondering if I can buy a handrail from HD or Lowes, then rip a 3/8-1/2' lip off one side to make the molding for my bar top. Any thoughts on drawbacks of this route? Thanks in advance for the input. Cheers! James
  10. Design & Plans
    Has anyone ever built a home bar for themselves, a friend, or a client? I have been asked to build a small bar for a friend's apartment. My original idea is to build the carcass out of 1/2" or 3/4" plywood, trim out the front and sides with oak/select pine (customer's choice) and band the...
  11. Wood Finishing
    I'm building a bar and since I'm a firefighter I thought it would be nice to take a bunch of patches from different departments and incorporate them into the bar top. The problem is that when I did a test with one of my patches the lacquer discolored the patch. Is there some trick to prevent...
  12. General Woodworking Discussion
    I am building a bar out of maple, Brazilian cherry and paduka. What i am looking for is a product that is very hard and durable but it also must be a UV protecting and it must not yellow. If anyone would know of a product that fit this criteria it would help me out very much. Thank You
  13. Project Showcase
    I came across a neighbor who wanted to get rid of a kegerator they had sitting outside their porch $200 and little did they know its a $1400 set up. I figured i couldn't just have a kegerator and no bar so a buddy and i decided to build a bar around it with chairs to match. (the front lights...
1-13 of 13 Results