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  1. Project Showcase
    I recently got around to building myself a new dining table. I wanted to use some hot veneers on it and try a leg style that I'd never done before. The result was inspired by the Art Deco master Jacques Ruhlman and done in bubinga, pomele bubinga veneer with white aspen pinstripes. The legs...
  2. Woodturning
    I just finished up a couple more little projects. A couple are from oak burl, the other two are from the same tree, just not burl. Very free-form, no lathe here (YET)! Sorry the images are so large... Would love some feedback.... Thanks!
  3. Design & Plans
    Hello folks, If anyone is looking for high end furniture designs I can contribute 35 years of designing and building furniture to the table. You can go to my blog to view furniture past and present as well as CAD designs , prototypes, conceptual pieces ect... All designs have been executed at...
1-3 of 3 Results