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  1. Finishing Alder Doors, Want an flat natural look.

    Wood Finishing
    I have 10 Alder interior doors that need to be protected/finished. I am trying to match the condo's front door, which is very natural looking with almost no sheen. At first I questioned whether it was finished at all. The HOA board assured me that they were, but couldn't tell me what product...
  2. How do I achieve a dark gray stain...NEED EXPERT ADVICE

    Wood Finishing
    I'm not a wood expert, nor a finishing expert. I started a project at home and it's veered off in a way that I do not like. I purchased two unfinished wood 3 drawer dressers, which I want to finish in a dark gray but still be able to see the grain. My first attempt did not come out right, I...
  3. Staining alder

    Wood Finishing
    Hey! Since this forum was very helpful when I asked about finishing a rosewood guitar neck, I will now try my luck once more. I want to stain a guitar body (made from red alder) to look like this: I've been reading a lot on different pages, but I'm still a bit confused. Right now my...
  4. Hardener additive for Alder

    Wood Finishing
    The house we are building has alder wood tops on many of their desks and custom built cabinetry. We are working on finishing the alder wood tops and have applied 4 coats of polyurethane mix, but are finding that it is still scratching easily when say we write on a piece of paper on it due to the...
  5. How do I get this look? alder guitar

    General Woodworking Discussion
    This is my first post! Ive been wanting to achieve this desired look (picture below). Ive tried walnut water based stain, shoe polish, etc and they all look good dont get me wrong but not perfect. They always look stained instead of worn over time. I dont know if this look is achieved...