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  1. Dust Collection
    Hello, I’m new here and I was looking for advice on dedusters because my uncle’s carpenter business is looking for a mobile deduster and I’d like to help him. Does anyone know whether this deduster or this one is a better option? They are both build for wood extraction and air filtration...
  2. Dust Collection
    Hey everybody I wanted to take a minute to post my newest anti dust device. After reading a bunch of other threads on these air purifiers I had the knowledge needed to build one. I recently put a new furnace in my home and before the installers hauled the old furnace away I took out the...
  3. Dust Collection
    Does anyone have experience with the Grizzly G0572 hanging air filter unit? It looks like the Jet 1000b model with the same cfm specs. I saw somewhere that somebody thought they were made by the same manufacturer. Any thoughts in comparison to the Jet? The Grizz is less $.
  4. Dust Collection
    Does anyone know of a relatively inexpensive timer for a DIY air filtration system using a HVAC blower. I am looking for a 0-60 min timer preferrably the old style turn knob.
1-4 of 5 Results