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  1. Where can I find these

    Power Tools & Machinery
    I have a Craftsman/King Seeley 10" cabinet saw. It is model #103.24440, I am in need of the hand cranks, both of them, the one to tilt and the one to raise the blade.
  2. Ridgid TS3660 Table Saw Angle Adjustment Problem

    Power Tools & Machinery
    I recently purchased a Ridgid TS3660 Table saw used. It looks brand new. It looks like its hardly been used a all. I went through it and made all the alignment adjustments using the user manual. I have ben using it a lot with 90 degree cuts. When I went to check the 45 degree stop point, it...
  3. Stuck Arbor Housing on Craftsman Table Saw

    Power Tools & Machinery
    Hi, I have two Craftsman table saws circa 1984-1985, model no. 113.298240, both suffering from the same problem. The Arbor Housing (part no. 30420), which controls the blade depth adjustment, is incredibly slow and difficult to turn. On one saw it has frozen completely. There is a shaft...
  4. Table Saw Parallelism Changes With Tilt

    Power Tools & Machinery
    Hey, Everybody! While my Powermatic 66 table saw's blade remains dead-nuts parallel to the table guide slot and to the rip fence at 0 degrees tilt, careful measurements at the front and rear of the blade show that a reference tooth is about 1/16" out of parallel across the exposed blade...