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  1. Attaching Med Duty 2x4s to Heavy Duty Pressure Treated 4x4s

    Design & Plans
    Building a set of shelves (6' long, 2½' wide, 4' tall) and have pressure treated 4x4s as the legs with non-pressure treated 2x4's for the rest of the frame. I've scoured the net trying to find some decent ways to connect the 2x4's to the legs and can't seem to find any decent examples that will...
  2. Best way to connect 2x4s this way?

    Hand Tools
    I'm new at carpentry but would like to think I'm learning fairly quickly. My latest task for myself is figuring out the best way to connect the two ends of two 2x4s by simple butt joint at a 90 degree angle. This seems simple enough but my project calls for the 2x4s to have the 3 1/2" wide faces...
  3. Simple 2x4 End Table

    Project Showcase
    2x4 End Table. Fun to put together.
  4. Total Beginner Designing a Bed

    Design & Plans
    Hi Folks, First off I've never done any woodworking before so please forgive any dumb questions or mistakes. The bed I'm sleeping on right now is a very cheap, full-size, platform style bed and I really want to have something more robust and aesthetically pleasing. I've been playing around in...
  5. Mahogany 2x4s

    General Woodworking Discussion
    I've just been given 6 10ft mahogany unfinished 2x4s. What would you suggest I do with them?
  6. Workbench With Storage Shelf

    Project Showcase
    Hey everyone! First post here and looking forward to learning a lot from everyone. I bought my first house a year ago and finally have the space needed to make a workshop of sorts. First things I started doing were actually building the items or furniture necessary to work on future projects. I...
  7. Help: Garden Bench from all 2x4's

    Design & Plans
    Looking for ideas to build a garden bench from just 2x4's. Any idears? Thanks