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  1. Power Tools & Machinery
    I acquired a 1993 K&F 10" table saw. Model #: 10104D. I'm needing a blade, more gauge, fence assembly & knob that screws into the blade height wheel. Can ANYONE help me find a parts catalog or anything for this saw please Model: 10104D 10amps 2hp 115volts 60hz 4800rpm 07/1993
  2. Power Tools & Machinery
    I have an old craftsman 10" contractor table saw. Picked it up, cheap, on FB marketplace, to replace my even crappier old craftsman portable table saw, as the fence was worse than useless, it was dangerous. The angle adjustment, however, is the worst design possible. Pure friction!!! Who the...
  3. Power Tools & Machinery
    I have two Oldham Signature Series 10" 50T saw blades. The second one was purchased about 3 years ago. Excellent blade for cross cutting and ripping. Shiny smooth cuts. I would like to purchase another and have ordered from two sites that offer the blade. The photo shows the correct blade but in...
1-3 of 3 Results