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We decided the hickory was a little worn, seemed outdated and needed a fresher mot modern look. So that meant out with natural wood, in with paint.

Shudders went up my spine thinking about paint. Not much experience spraying other than a couple vanities, and built ins other than that I always brushed.

And, we wanted updated hardware, so Blum soft close hinges and Tandem slides. And, of course, that meant out with the melamine , and new maple ply drawers.

It also meant a couple new glass door uppers, and redesigned valance over the sink.

I had a previous post “my $16k kitchen” that upped me towards doing ti myself. With the remodel and new hardware we have just over $3000 in the kitchen, I’m guessing it’s added $20,000 value to the house. Man hours? We won’t even talk about that. This has been a 3 month project, all consuming, at times extremely stressful.

Overall I am happy with the outcome, I think the finish could be better, but additional coats of lacquer can always be done faulty easily (I seriously doubt Illl ever do it).

I went with all Target Costing products. HSF High Build Primer, EM6500 Pigmented Lacquer, and EM7000HBL High Build Lacquer. I definitely feel I did not get the lacquer coat I should have, I believe several more coats would have done better. This is my biggest regret of the project. Some of the surfaces feel a bit gritty.

I will post a little blog about the building process and all the little things that cropped up along the way, maybe it will help someone.

I want to thank everyone especially the ”pros” Rebel and Jar for their insights.

Yes I still have to trim out the ceiling. Those soffits were a real pain to build!




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