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General Information

while I was at a Harbor Freight parking lot sale a few months ago, I spied a wooden workbench still in the box – the box seemed to have been through some rough times. it appeared to have been dropped and tossed about. It had a $50 sticker on it.
it had the original nylon straps on it so it apparently had not been opened to check for damage.
$50 seemed a bit high for a “Pig in a Poke” – so I offered $25 and they helped me load it !!
the first photo is how it is on the showroom floor. (sorry, I forgot to take photos of the bench prior to repairs).
basically, it had some broken joints, split this and that, minor stuff that some screws and epoxy couldn’t fix.
the two left hand drawers were broken so I moved them to the right after repairs were made.
I started this project with my daughter in mind (she is 45) for her very own personal woodworking/crafts/hobby station.
she is an accomplished craftsman and has had a rough life and has never had a chance to have her own “stuff”.
all the tools are mine – that will go with the bench as a surprise present – Heritage Pass Down thing.
basically, I took this broken bench project, made a box frame for the pegboard and two fluorescent lights under the top apron so they would be out of sight. There is a basic roll-up window shade behind the lights that you can pull down to take photos of your work.






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