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Hand Carved Eagle with Navy Insignia (inspired by John Bellamy).
Steamer Trunk ~ for traveling the Railways and High Seas ~ back in the day
Yellow poplar, EM6600 production lacquer
Pennsylvania Cherry wood, super blonde shellac, Target EM6000 production lacquer
Finish custom tint Target EM6500 production lacquer, EM7000 HB acrylic lacquer
Finish super blonde shellac with Target EM6000 production lacquer
Yellow poplar finished with custom tint EM6500 production lacquer topcoat EM9000 Superclear Urethane
Yellow poplar finished with Target Coatings EM6600 production lacquer
Soft maple finished with custom tint Target Coatings EM 6500 production lacquer.
Door is made of Ash, finished with Siekens Cetol. Laminated restoration glass center, laminated stained glass. White oak saddle. Bronze threshold, brass weatherstrip.
Yellow poplar, finished with BM Advance. True divided light.