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May 2015

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Welcome to the May 2015 edition of the WoodWorkingTalk.com newsletter!

To start off this month, we have a novice with questions about the limits of a Thicknesser. Click on the first link below to check it out and offer your own suggestions!
As well, we've also collected a number of interesting posts from our community, including pics of a hand plane restoration and a look at an incredible log furniture build. After you've read all that, please click on the image to the right to head back to the forum for even more great information and discussions.

Enjoy the newsletter and be safe out there!

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Can this be done with a Thicknesser?
Hi All,

New here, first post (for the record - this is a hobby for me so very much a novice please be gentle). Struggling to find anyone that I know that can advise me if this is a good idea or not.
Hand plane restoration
I had a co-worker that gave me an old junker hand plane. It was slated for the garbage and he asked if I would like it. I said I would and for months, it has sat in my shop while I work on my crane build.
50 ways to leave your planer, get a Buss Gus.
Only one picture, I have to get some some stuff moved around and get it ready to go where my YA M60 24" planer was.
Latest Log Furniture Build- Part 1
Some of my most recent log furniture pieces, including building photos.
Finishing a spalted maple counter top.
I had an interesting question from a co-worker today. She is building a house and purchased a large spalted maple slab that was made into a counter top in her kitchen and she is trying to figure out what to finish it with.
New Workbench Build
Well, in all the years that I've been woodworking, I've never really had a workbench. Not a proper one anyway. It's always been something that I threw together with plywood, or an old piece of furniture that I tried to reinforce and make do. I have finally decided, after months of debate, that I want a proper workbench.
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