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March 2015

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Welcome to the March 2015 edition of the WoodWorkingTalk.com newsletter!

To start off this month, we have great pics of your favorite shop built tool jigs and fixtures. Click on the first link below to check it out!
As well, we've also collected a number of interesting posts from our community, including thoughts about choosing between a right or left side circular saw, a discussion about the best 12" miter saw, and a photo of a really cool birdhouse. After you've read all that, please click on the image to the right to head back to the forum for even more great information and discussions.

Enjoy the newsletter and be safe out there!

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Post your favorite shop built tool jig or fixture
Anyone have a jig, fixture or shop built tool they like, use a lot or are quite fond of. Post it. The good bad and the ugly. If you like it and it serves you well, let's see it.
Right or left side circular saw
I'm new to this whole woodworking thing, although I've had tools forever - I just don't really use them very well.

Anyway, I've started learning more about woodworking - so far my limited knowledge is to build easy workbenches and storage shelves.
Best 12" miter saw?
I looked back through my last 2 years of Wood magazine expecting to find miter saw reviews and found none. I realize that this type of question is something that could be asked yearly since models always change.
Birdhouse Wood
I have been a novice woodworking hobbyist for several years now, slowly learning new tricks of the trade through the trials and tribulations of every new project that I take on. Still a hobbyist but now able to take real pride in my creations, my soon-to-be seven year old son has taken an interest in the trade.
As the Finial turns
Well, I have never turned a thing in my life. I have a big lathe that is not ready to be used yet. I had to make a choice whether to hire someone to make 15 turnings for me, or find a little lathe and figure it out. I went with the figure it out path.
Table saw feeds - again right or left side?
My craftsman portable table saw has both right and left side extensions - they're very flimsy as you expand them so I don't really like to extend them more than a few inches.
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