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Triple 12" Craftsman table saw
I had a chance to get another 12" Craftsman motorized table saw off Craig's list... maybe for parts/backup Then I said why not. If 2 saws bolted together are good then 3 must be even better so.....I did it. Yeah, a little crazy, I know.
100 2515 Crosscutting the panel at 48" wide.  Could not be done on most other saws. I was at the very limit of the fence rail, but it worked.
100 2513 Cross cutting a 4 X 8 panel at 48" wide
Bench Dog extension table
Dust Collection to Jet DC
Overarm DC with a remote controlled shop vac
3's company
I can't find my table saw(s)
On the left...
Before attaching, but after cleanup
no legs
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