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push sticks
I've tried a bunch of push sticks over the years and found most of them lacking in important ways. A push stick must do more than "push", it must also hold the workpiece down and in toward the fence. For that the contact surface needs to be long and have some grip.
Here's some good and bad examples:
100 2385  The low fence with the splitter and guard in place.
100 2381 A low fence can be made with a "L" shaped piece clamped to the Biesmeyer Fence
100 2380 The low fence postion on the Unifence allows your hand to get down in closer to the work OR use a push stick much easier.
100 2377 a push stick made from a discarded wire brush...see the one in the second photo.
100 2382 Two good push shoes that have more control keeping the work down and in toward the fence.
100 2375 Some typical push stick that don't work that well.
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