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  1. wolfgang953
    07-03-2019 02:17 PM - permalink
    The pets are currently staying in a bedroom until the room is finished. But i can not afford this house on my own (disability sucks. And makes doing all this that much harder and longer.) I need to rent that room out to afford the mortgage payment. So every month that they are in the bedroom i inch closer and closer to not being able to afford the house. So im in a bit of a rush to get this done.. despite the fact that its taken so damn long -_-

    But anyway... project is a new room in the basement for the animals. And over all it is way to much to do in a single thread, so i broke it up.
  2. wolfgang953
    07-03-2019 02:16 PM - permalink
    I had to design and construct a room in my basement. I had a crazy minimal budget to complete it all. And if i didnt finish it, and finish it correctly, i would likely lose my house. (odd, i know). I also had a few issues that i could not fix at this time and had to work around. Such as the water leaking in on one half of the basement. Far to large and expensive of an issue for me to fix right now. But i still had to make the room anyway. So i had to balance the correct way of doing things, with working around several things that i could not fix, and do it on a crazy low budget.

    The room is for some of my pets. They must be kept in a cold environment at all times. Temperatures at 70-75f can start to kill them. So needless to say, making this room well enough to hold the cold air and not lose it is very very important.
  3. wolfgang953
    07-03-2019 02:14 PM - permalink
    Trying to combine it all would have been a catastrophe. It was better to break it up by topic, or by issues as they arose that i didnt foresee. Im aware that its a lot of threads over the last 18~ months. 19 i believe in total right now. So it averages out to 1 a month which is not much when looked at that way.

    As for what the project is, after a while it became less relevant to include a full synapse of that in every thread since the thread was about something more specific. But i did mention it several times in my earlier threads to give a big picture.
  4. wolfgang953
    07-03-2019 02:13 PM - permalink
    Then once everything was planned out, the actual construction of the room, and issues that would arise during that. As well as trying to do it all on an insanely low budget. etc etc etc etc.

    Its all just way to much to throw into one thread. So i broke it up as i went along. - Ppl often times are less inclined to cheek out threads with many responses already. Either thinking the issue was already solved or gone way off topic. And ppl usually dont like reading through 20 posts trying to catch up to what is going on. - If you check out a lot of my threads like you said you did, then im sure you noticed that a few of them ended with me asking a question and it never being replied to. Thats just the way ppl are. I dont fault them for that.
  5. wolfgang953
    07-03-2019 02:13 PM - permalink
    (for to big to post in one reply)

    Iv stated the project many times. But confining it all into one thread from the start would have been problematic. In the beginning i had to tear out/down everything that was in the basement of the house i moved in to. As well as cleaning out mold on the walls. Fixing/repairing any damage from that, re painting walls, replacing windows, re doing electrical... etc. All just to get back to square one.

    After which i had to design a room from scratch, having never done anything like it before.Design it around some water issues i was having at the time, that could not be fixed. So i had to learn more about proper design and framing technics. As well as learn about all the items required to build such a room. Then sort through ppl telling me different 'correct' ways to do things. Which would sometime spark some debate between ppl responding.
  6. Onefreetexan
    05-31-2019 05:44 PM - permalink
    Wolfgang,,, You have over 180 posts, and virtually the same topic... My suggestion would be to start a thread with ALL the information about the project at once,,,donít dribble out bits and pieces for many months,,, You havenít made it clear what. Your project is,,,,,,???
    Tell us ALL the details at once and we can probably help yo better...We want to help,, However, we need to know ALL the facts, in order to help.... Throwing a little out at a time makes it very difficult to help you..
    I have reread your posts and it seems you are very secretive about your project....Why?

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