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Sheer Nonsense
Alder cane wrapped in twine
Hemlock door with glazed in mirror. I think it turned out pretty nice. I made this for my bathroom and it's a bit small for the opening but that's...
Simple end grain cutting board, these are pretty fun to make.
Maple Rolling pin
Fir Shōji Lamp.
Fir Shōji Lamp.
Fir Shōji Lamp.
It's only about two and a half "Freedom Units" (Inches) long. Had a few little scraps of bamboo and figured I'd try working with it. Turned out...
Broke my handle, so I made another one. Walnut and brass always look great
V grooves
Plywood box legs
Alder coffee table
A bottle of old gorilla glue was left upside down to drain and it dried like this. I just think it looks cool.
Alder Smoothing Plane. I'm rather proud of how nice this one turned out.
Smoothing Plane
Smoothing plane
Pair of barn doors.
Flush X hemlock door.
Solid core VG fir 9' by 9' door I made. Pain in the butt to make and we had to glue a lot of it in that room it's in. I'm not exactly short but this...
The pieces are 3/4" thick solid fir.
Close up of the joint.
44" by 96" fir door.
A cherry picture frame I made for a buddy of mine. Black matting was added to the sides of the poster later.
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