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Turnings and home made jigs & tools
Gingers Platter another Christmas gift
candy dish 2
Home made angle plates
Home made ball jig
Home made Tool rest
Home made Sanding tools
Home made press
Home made boring tool
Home made Depth gage
This Bracelet is made from walnut
BWP Mug 
This mug I made for my Father-in-law. 
Made from Babinga, Walnut and Purple Heart
candy dish
Small bowl. 2 
Another view...the base is Oak
Small bowl 
Made from Poplar and it has alot of green in it which you can't see in the picture. 
This was my second try at segmented bowls. I found...
The bblue one is a cigar pencil. 
And the other two are slimline
wedding Mugs 
Made these for my son's wedding party 
6 Walnut mugs 
1 maple mug
Paula's platter 2 
A Christmas gift for my sister. 
The Rim is made up of 12 segments of Babinga, maple and walnut
Kara's platter 
A Christmas gift for my sister-in-law 
12 pieces of walnut make up the rim and the base is poplar
Berr Mug 
Made this mug for a friend. 
This mug is 10 segments to make the cylinder, one piece for the base and one piece for the handle.  
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