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Nite Stand Transformation
This nite stand was transformed from old style to modern. It is for a 13 year old girl's room.
I can not take credit for the design or the 'repurposing'. That is all on the decorator.
The client paid $39 for the nite stand at Good Will Stores + $550 to me, so she still got a great deal. She ends up with a custom piece that exactly matches the bases and top edgings of other furniture in that room in addition to matching the exact color scheme in that room.
She wins, the decorator wins, I win and the environment wins because this old piece didn't end up in a land fill.

Mouse over each photo for explaination of each stage or double click to enlarge.
Before & After
Overall view of original nite stand
Details of original top
Details of original base - front view
Details of original base - side view
View after original base was removed
Template was made for one side of the new front base. This was made with a bandsaw and refined with a drum sander mounted on a drill pres.
I template routed the first piece to make the second piece for the front base.
Both templates and a 'straight edge' template were brad nailed to a scrap piece of poplar. The poplar piece was then band sawn close to the template...
A flush trim router bit was used to clean up the shaped piece and then the templates were removed
The 2 pieces in the foreground are the new side pieces for the base. They were made using the same techniques in Steps 6 to 9.
Attaching the new base with a paste epoxy and screws. A paste epoxy was used instead of regular wood glue because the old base didn't break off clean...
The new base has been attached and the original top has now been removed.
The new top is being made from reclaimed oak that I had from old bed rails that I recently replaced for a different customer a while back.
Clamps have been removed and after a little scraping of glue blobs, the top will be ready for the planer.
New top is being temporarily set in place to check for proportions and overall 'look'.
New top with front and 2 sides routed to shape.
Base and carcase was painted white and top was painted orange. Products used were Vinyl Sealer and 2 coats of Pre-Cat Lacquer.
Now that's a pretty set of drawers.
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