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Step by Step: Turning a bowl
I dont claim to be anything like expert in this field. Here is a step by step guide to turning a simple cross-grain bowl. The wood I used is spalted sycamore from the Mostyn Estate in North Wales and it is finished in Walnut Oil.
1. Selecting the blank
2. Consulting
3. Finding the centre
4. Marking out
5. Centre marked out
6. Starting to cut
7. Bandsawn to circular
8.Ready for next stage
9.Attaching screw chuck
10. Closeup of screw chuck
11. And again
12. Ready to mount
13. Offering up
14. Mounted on lathe
15. Rear view of mounted blank
15a. Truing up
16. Chucking recess
17. Ready to start shaping
18. Shaping the outside
19. Shaping the outside (1)
21. Shaping the outside (3)
22. Shaping the outside (4)
22a. Outside finished (2)
23. Outside finished (3)
24. Preparing to reverse chuck
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