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My Workshop
My cleaning crew - now you know why there is barely any dust in my workshop.
The wall cabinet I built for glue, sandpaper, and oils.
Yes I really do keep it this clean.
The duct collection ports on the router cabinet.
The router power cord fits in a space for it.
The tilting router table top really helps.
Plenty of bit holders, but you can never have enough drawer space.
Router cabinet.
Band saw and work cart for thickness planer.
My son's workshop.
New Yankee Workshop clamp rack.  Also my sharpening station.
The other side of the workshop.
The entrance.
Turning chisels - I like this rack, but I'm going to need to replace it with something bigger very soon.
Lathe accessory rack.
Drill press cabinet.
Drill press cabinet and old router table.
The back half of the workshop.
Table saw.
Custom tool holders.
Tool holders.
Drills, small turning project supplies, and disc sanding kit.
Whiteboard and misc storage.
Lathe accessories.
Hand tool holders up close.
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